Love. Faith. Wealth. War. EP

by Wake Up Paradise


Wake Up Paradise Freehold Township, New Jersey

Wake Up Paradise is a four-piece rock group from Central New Jersey with something to say, and that something is...WAKE UP! Wake Up Paradise has created a fun, upbeat, soulfully energetic rock sound that is sure to stick in your head and leave you wanting more. Keep an ear out for these guys. It shouldn't be too hard...they have a bullhorn. WUP! WUP! ... more

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Track Name: Hits The Ground
I've been searching for peace. Looking for quiet.
We inhabit a place where the majority's mindless.
Bodies are spineless, though we all speak of violence.
Selling our souls cuz you want me to buy it.

Cash in, cash out. Cuz I'll never sell out.
Not to you or to the ones who caught me when I fell down.
OH, we coming back.
If you're offended, don't forgive, don't forget it.
If you want it, come and get it.
I'll defend it and protect it god dammit!
I'm sick of how we take advantage
Of one another, hide and cover, seeking magic
To fix every problem we face.
Instead of standing up strong on our own two legs.
This is the shake up. Wake up! Take off the makeup.
A short time that we take up.
I'm telling everybody to wake up.

When you hear the sound and it hits and ground, you're alive.

Thats cuz we never take the time just to open our eyes
and realize that we fantasize and live in disguise.
Ignoring poverty lines.
Ignoring prophecy signs.
Everyday 9 to 5.
Working a sweat for a weekly check.
But what's it even worth when the whole country's in debt.
We're living cynical, we're pitiful, we'll never reach the pinnacles
If we always start to change but we never finish up.
If you're feeling like I feel and you know you've had enough.

When you hear the sound and it hits the ground, you're alive.

And you know that this is all that we have in our hearts.

Take notice, things are about to shake up.
Take notice, people about to wake up.
We are strong and not alone.
Track Name: They're Coming for Us, Babe
Everybody wants their voice to be heard.
Everybody wants the world to listen. Everybody thinks they know it all.
Everyone want to voice their opinion.

Because, if you could see.
You'd see it's right in front of you.
It's right in front of you.

But nobody wants to take that first step.
Nobody lets freedom reign.
We just need to stand together
If you're with me let me here you sing.

Take it back. Take it back.
We got one shot. Last chance to make it count.
They're tearing up the streets and they're taking down names
If you dare not speak, I better hear you pray.

We gotta take this town for everything they're worth.
And she said, oh they're coming for us, babe.

All we want to do is live our lives,
but we take them all for granted.
I just want to live in paradise.
Not get caught up in the ashes.

They say, you can't.
They say, you won't.

Tell me what it feels like to lose control.
Oh baby you've dropped the ball.
What were you thinking?….oh
Track Name: Take It Hard, Take It Easy
I'm feeling lonely,
Because you left me here without a place to call my own.
You make it look so easy,
With half a glance and hardly anything good to say.
Well, I guess I'm learning,
Don't count your hearts before they break.
And if I must say,
Did you ever think maybe I needed you more than you needed me?

Baby, can you see?
Because you don't know.
No, you don't know.

I'm feeling dirty,
Because your body's got these thoughts running through my head.
But I'll take it easy,
Cuz this heat might be just too much to take.
You're looking lovely.
So, let me get a closer look. Let me get a closer look.
And if I must say,
That scent you're wearing will be the death of me.

Oh! Yea! You got me coming over you.

Oh yea! I'll take it hard so you can take it easy.
Oh baby, baby! I'll take it hard so you can take it easy!
Track Name: Stand tall
Down to my last breath. I found a second wind.
I'm throwing caution to it, never looking back again.
Took too long to write this song... couldn't get my head around it.
But I took some time to figure it out. Found a way to talk about it.
Found a way to get it out, a way to break it down.
Got my family at my side, to help me make the sound.

To help find all the answers to these questions, obsessions, reflections
That got me - guessing and stressing.
Helped me find a new direction
Took a little time but I learned a life lesson.

Stand tall and walk hard.
This is your last chance. This is your last stand.

Don't consider this a warning. Just take this as the calm before the storm
And I'm wishing you nothing but the best, but if you die like the rest I'd expect nothing less.
And baby, baby, if it suits you, I'd like to sing a little something that makes me think of you.
And just so you know, it goes LA LA LA LA
Raise your glasses, take some chances, show them what your worth.
This song's for anyone who's strung out, down, or feeling hurt.
No more grudges, lose them crutches, we're standing high and walking tall
Let's let it out, let's let it up, let it out.
Come on and sing it with me, LA LA LA LA

Stand tall and walk hard
This is your last chance. This is your last stand.

Stand tall. Walk hard.
This is your last chance.